River Mole Flood Warning Lifted

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The flood warning issued last Friday for the Mole at Fetcham and Leatherhead was lifted early this morning.

The Environment Agency says it will remove the temporary flood barriers erected on the north bank of the river, either side of Leatherhead bridge.

The Agency says water levels are receding, although a flood alert remains in force for the wider area.

This is the text of the update issued by the Flood Information Service at 0743 Monday December 23:

"River levels are falling, but still pose a flood risk. The Flood Warning for the area has now been removed. However, a Flood Alert remains in force for the wider area, so flooding may still affect roads and low lying land. Further light rainfall is forecast over the next 24 hours. We continue to monitor the situation. Our incident response staff will be removing temporary flood barriers at Mincin Close and Emlyn Lane this morning, Monday 23 December, and are out on the ground checking and clearing any blockages and debris from The River Mole. Please avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded."

Dozens of properties in the Cannon Grove area of Fetcham were flooded on Christmas Eve in 2013. Since then, the Environment Agency has examined the possibility of a flood alleviation scheme, but earlier this year it was decided that no scheme was technically or financially viable. Instead residents have been offered Property Level Resilience surveys, and currently many householders are awaiting recommendations.

The Leatherhead and Fetcham Flood Action Group website has more advice and information for residents.

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