Fetcham Springs and Millpond Plant species list

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By Pippa Hyde, Botanist and member of the Wild Flower Society

Compiling the list, I walked a route around the Springs clockwise usually starting along the Millpond path then heading up Cobham Road, back along Raymead Way and returning to my starting point along the path by the railway line.

The bulk of my list was made from July 20 (2020) onwards with the plan to visit every month to get a good idea of what was present. By July, some plants were dried up and unrecognisable from the hot summer weather.  I hope to find some more spring flowering and more visible plants next year.

The area is interesting for its mixture of habitats, although I feel it needs much more investigation to discover its full potential.

Fetcham Springs and Millpond

Acer campestre   Field Maple. Fetcham Common, Raymead Way. 26/7/20
Acer pseudoplatanus   Sycamore. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Achillea millefolium   Yarrow. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Alliaria petiolata   Garlic Mustard. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Arctium lappa   Greater Burdock. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Armoracia rusticana   Horse-radish. Fetcham Millpond. 17/5/20
Artemisia absinthium   Wormwood. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Artemisia verlotiorum   Chinese Mugwort. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Arum maculatum   Lords-and-Ladies. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Avena fatua   Wild-oat. By Fetcham Millpond. 26/7/20
Ballota nigra   Black Horehound. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Barbarea vulgaris   Winter-cress. Fetcham Millpond. 20/4/20
Bellis perennis   Daisy. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Buddleja davidii   Butterfly-bush. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Calystegia sepium   Hedge Bindweed. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Centaurea nigra   Common Knapweed. By Fetcham Millpond. 19/8/20
Cirsium arvense   Creeping Thistle. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Cirsium vulgare   Spear Thistle. By Fetcham Millpond. 26/7/20
Clematis vitalba   Traveller’s-joy. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Convolvulus arvensis   Field Bindweed. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Crataegus monogyna   Hawthorn. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Dipsacus fullonum   Teasel. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Epilobium hirsutum   Great Willowherb. Fetcham Millpond. 21/6/20
Epilobium montanum   Broad-leaved Willowherb. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Equisetum arvense   Field Horsetail. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Equisetum fluviatile   Water Horsetail. Streamside near Fetcham Millpond. 4/6/20
Filipendula ulmaria   Meadowsweet. Wet area near railway. 26/7/20
Galinsoga parviflora   Gallant Soldier. Fetcham Common, Raymead Way. 19/8/20
Geranium molle   Dove’s-foot Crane’s-bill. Fetcham Common, Raymead Way. 26/7/20
Geranium robertianum   Herb-Robert. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Geum urbanum   Herb Bennet or Wood Avens. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Glyceria fluitans   Floating Sweet-grass. Fetcham Millpond. 26/7/20
Hedera helix   Ivy. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Heracleum sphondylium   Hogweed. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Hordeum murinum   Wall Barley. Fetcham Common, Cobham Road. 19/8/20
Humulus lupulus   Hop. Railwayside. 21/7/20
Hypochaeris radicata   Cat’s-ear. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Ilex aquifolium   Holly. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Iris pseudacorus   Yellow Flag. Wet area near railway. 26/7/20
Jacobaea vulgaris   Common Ragwort. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Laburnum anagyroides   Laburnum. Fetcham Common, Raymead Way. 26/7/20
Lamium album   White Deadnettle. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Lapsana communis   Nipplewort. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Lemna minor   Common Duckweed. Railwayside. 9/7/20
Leucanthemum vulgare   Oxeye Daisy. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Lotus pedunculatus   Greater Bird’s-foot-trefoil. Fetcham Millpond. 17/5/20
Lycopus europaeus   Gypsywort. Railwayside. 19/8/20
Malus domestica   Apple. Fetcham Common, Raymead Way. 26/7/20
Malva sylvestris   Common Mallow. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Matricaria discoidea   Pineappleweed. Edge of Fetcham Millpond. 4/6/20
Mentha aquatica   Water Mint. Wetland area near railway. 9/7/20
Oenanthe crocata   Hemlock Water-dropwort. Wetland area near railway. 26/7/20
Oenothera biennis   Common Evening-primrose. Fetcham Common. 19/8/20
Phragmites australis   Common Reed. Wetland area near railway. 9/7/20
Picris echioides   Bristly Oxtongue. By Fetcham Millpond. 26/7/20
Plantago lanceolata   Ribwort Plantain. Fetcham Common. 19/8.20
Plantago media   Hoary Plantain. Fetcham Common. 19/8/20
Polygonum aviculare   Knotgrass. Fetcham Common, Cobham Road. 26/7/20
Potentilla reptans   Creeping Cinquefoil. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Quercus robur   Pedunculate Oak. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Ranunculus acris   Meadow Buttercup. By Fetcham Millpond. 19/8/20
Ranunculus lingua   Greater Spearwort. Wetland area near railway. 26/7/20
Ranunculus repens   Creeping Buttercup. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Rosa canina   Dog-rose. Fetcham Common, Raymead Way. 19/8/20
Rubus armeniacus   Himalayan Giant Bramble, Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Rubus fruticosus agg.   Bramble. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Rumex hydrolapathum   Water Dock. Fetcham Millpond. 26/7/20
Sambucus nigra   Elder. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Saponaria officinalis   Soapwort. Fetcham Common, Raymead Way. 26/7/20
Scrophularia auriculata   Water Figwort. Fetcham Millpond. 4/6/20
Solanum dulcamara   Bittersweet. By Fetcham Millpond. 26/7/20
Sinapis alba   White Mustard. Wetland area near railway. 31/7/20
Solidago virgaurea   Goldenrod. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Sparganium erectum   Branched Bur-reed. Wetland area near railway. 9/7/20
Spartium junceum   Spanish Broom. Fetcham Common. 31/7/20
Symphytum officinale   Common Comfrey. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Taraxacum officinale agg.   Dandelion. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Torilis japonica   Upright Hedge-parsley. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Trifolium dubium   Lesser Trefoil. Fetcham Common. 19/8/20
Trifolium pratense   Red Clover. Fetcham Common, Raymead Way. 19/8/20
Trifolium repens   White Clover. By Fetcham Millpond. 26/7/20
Tripleurospermum inodorum   Scentless Mayweed. By Fetcham Millpond. 19/8/20
Typha latifolia   Bulrush. Fetcham Millpond. 21/6/20
Urtica dioica   Common Nettle. Fetcham Common. 26/7/20
Vicia cracca   Tufted Vetch. Railwayside. 9/7/20

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