New Police Commissioner visits Fetcham

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On a visit to Fetcham, Surrey’s newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner, has promised that residents will be seeing more police in Surrey within 12 months.  

But Lisa Townsend wants residents to play their part by reporting every instance of suspected crime they come across.

Mrs Townsend was speaking after meeting FRA chairman Tim Waller and Councillor Lynne Brooks in Fetcham this week.

Questioned about installing CCTV as a way of tackling anti-social behaviour in Fetcham village, the Commissioner said that cameras were not the panacea that residents often imagined.

“I would much rather look at solving issues with anti-social behaviour with a community based approach, with our police and PCSOs, making sure we are tackling the problem at the root – to make sure we are tackling it not just from an enforcement point of view but a prevention point of view as well,”  she said.

And she stressed the importance of regular crime reporting.

“That’s how the police build up a case for doing more intervention work and for being out on the streets more.”

She added that Surrey now had 101 new police officers as part of the national plan to increase police numbers by 20,000.  And recruitment was taking place for more. 

“Not all of those officers are going to be on the beat every day, a lot of them are going to be making sure that our children are safe online. We know that one of our biggest areas of crime is around economic crime, around fraud, it’s around online abuse, so some of those officers will be working digitally as well.”

To report crime go to the Surrey Police website and access the ‘Report’ or ‘Tell Us About’ buttons.   You can also dial 101 for non-emergency inquiries. Or go to Surrey Police contact us page, where you can also report incidents via Surrey Police Facebook page, or Twitter account.

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