(06) Field Maple

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  • Species
    • Field Maple
  • Botanical Name
    • Acer campestre
  • Location
    • Nutcroft Grove
    • Grid Reference: TQ 15077, 56409
    • Latitude, Longitude: 51.295191, -0.35090508
    • What3 Words: zoom.stray.noises
  • Identification
    • This is a small native tree often found in hedgerows. It has lobed leaves which turn bright yellow and then vivid reddish-brown in the autumn. The wings on the samaras are almost at 180 degrees to each other and enable the seeds to be carried by the wind.
  • About this species
    • Field maple is used to make harp frames.
  • Local information
    • These trees were planted under a FRA scheme several years ago.

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