(10) Apple

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  • Species
    • Apple
  • Botanical Name
    • Malus domestica
  • Location
    • Opposite side of path to the Mill Pond at Fetcham Springs.
    • Grid Reference: TQ 15888, 56318
    • Latitude, Longitude: 51.294208, -03393814
    • What3Words: goad.allows.beams
  • Identification
    • The tree is best recognised by its pink-white spring blossom and the green/red/yellow fruit in the autumn. Unpruned trees become dense with tangled branches.
  • About this species
    • The ancestors of all apple trees are the wild apples found in Kazakhstan. Wild apple trees are quite tall, making picking the fruit difficult. The tree was domesticated, possibly as long as 10,000 years ago, and spread along the Silk Road as travellers discarded the pips. It is known that the classical Greeks made picking the fruit easier by grafting onto dwarf rootstock. It was possibly brought to this country by the Romans and became more widespread in Tudor times as Henry VIII had many orchards planted. It has large, edible fruit that can be stored for months.
  • Local information
    • Nearly all Surrey farms used to grow apples to make cider for their workers, but few local orchards remain, they are remembered in lots of local apple varieties, including the Mickleham Pearmain. Many apple trees were planted in gardens in the 1920s when it was fashionable to grow your own fruit and vegetables.” .

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