(23) Ash

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  • Species
    • Ash
  • Botanical Name
    • Fraxinus excelior
  • Location
    • Badingham Drive near No. 44.
    • Grid Reference: TQ 15118 55561
    • Latitude, Longitude: 51.287557 , -0.35059
    • What3Words: play.fool.gosh
  • Girth (circumference of trunk at 1.5m height)
    • 1.90 meters
  • Estimated Age
    • 101 years
  • Identification
    • Ash leaves are some of the latest to open in the spring and the earliest to fall in the autumn, often while they are still green. The leaves have opposite pairs of dark green leaflets. Male and female flowers may be on the same or separate trees. The fruits are single-winged keys which hang in bunches and last through the winter, giving the tree an untidy appearance.
  • About this species
    • Ash is a rapid coloniser on chalk. Ash timber has high tensile strength and shock absorbancy - in the past it was used for wheel spokes and tool handles. Ash is the World Tree, Yggdrasil, of Norse legend, from which the gods created the universe and the first man and woman.
  • Local information
    • Ash trees are very common in Surrey. In the past they were coppiced - by cutting them down to the base they produce multiple stems that were used as hop poles. Many ash trees growing close to roads and paths in this area have been felled recently due to concerns about a disease known as Chalara ash die-back which causes the tree to drop branches and in the worst case, die and topple over. There are other large Ash trees beside the footpath at the millpond and in the Kennel Lane recreation ground and many coppiced ones in the woodland between the recreation ground and Gatesden Road.

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