(14) Grey Poplar

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  • Species
    • Grey Poplar
  • Botanical Name
    • Populus x canascens
  • Location
    • Fetcham Splash - go through the gate and turn to your left. This tree is growing beside the smaller channel of the Mole.
    • Grid Reference: TQ 14796, 57134
    • Latitude, Longitude: 51.301764, -0.35470056
    • What3Words: repay.amused.certified
  • Girth (circumference of trunk at 1.5m height)
    • 5.11 meters
  • Estimated Age
    • 230 years
  • Identification
    • The leaves are rounded but with toothed edges. Their underside is pale in the spring and their stalks are very long. Watch how the sun catches the changing light being reflected from the leaves as they flicker in the breeze. Male and female catkins are on separate trees - male catkins are purplish and fluffy. The bark has diamond shaped marks.
  • About this species
    • Grey poplars are a hybrid between White Poplar and Aspen and grow impressively large. Female trees are rare but the tree spreads by suckering.
    • A variety of moth caterpillars feed on its leaves, including the puss moth, pink-barred sallow, poplar grey, yellow-line quaker, dingy shears and sallow kitten. The catkins are an early source of pollen and nectar for bees and other insects, and the seeds are eaten by birds.
  • Local information
    • There are a number of large poplar trees at the Splash growing along the edge of the river; this one has multiple trunks.

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