(11) Sycamore

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  • Species
    • Sycamore
  • Botanical Name
    • Acer pseudoplatanus
  • Location
    • Baddingham Drive at junction with Lower Road.
    • Grid Reference: TQ 15012, 55802
    • Latitude, Longitude: 51.289748, -0.35203226
    • What3Words: flight.cube.lucky
  • Girth (circumference of trunk at 1.5m height)
    • 1.92 meters
  • Estimated Age
    • 69 years
  • Identification
    • Sycamore is a large tree with grey fissured bark. It is in the maple family and the large 5-lobed leaves often have black "tar spots" caused by the fungus Rhytisma acerinum, which don't seem to do it any harm. In April it has bright yellow tassels of flowers. The winged seeds, or "helicopters", are almost parallel to each other and spin as they fall from the tree.
  • About this species
    • Sycamore is not a native species and is considered a weed by some as it spreads readily and grows rapidly. The wood is useful for kitchen implements, particularly in the dairy, as it can tolerate wetting and drying and doesn't taint food. The leaves fall early and putrify leading to train delays caused by "the wrong sort of leaves".
  • Local information
    • Sycamores provide food for aphids which are a good source of food for house martins. Honeydew produced by the aphids will make car windscreens sticky if parked below a sycamore.

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