Fetcham on flood warning – again

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An official flood warning is again in force on the River Mole at Leatherhead and Fetcham.

It's the second time in two months the area has faced flood disruption. The Environment Agency flood warning - meaning flooding is expected and immediate action is required - was put in place on Sunday after many hours of heavy rain.

On Monday morning, the Guildford Road junction at the Leatherhead pumping station, was under a foot of water and impassable for most traffic.

The Mole flows freely past the pumping station and down Mill Lane

The official bulletin on the Flood Information Service website says that river levels have peaked, but flooding remains a threat for some properties, especially around Thorncroft Drive.

The update continues: "We do not presently expect the flooding situation to worsen. Flooding to properties could continue throughout the afternoon today, whilst river levels will be higher than normal over the coming days with some further rain showers forecast. Our incident response staff remain in the area monitoring our temporary defences in Leatherhead and working with our partners. Please avoid contact with flood waters and remain safe in areas near the River Mole." 

The Environment Agency says river levels peaked early afternoon Monday
The Mole overflowing its banks by the bridge on Thorncroft Drive

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