Spike in fake Amazon Prime calls

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Surrey Police say they are getting increased reports of scammers claiming to be from Amazon Prime.

This is what Surrey Police are telling us:

"This month we've seen a sudden spike in fake Amazon Prime calls. These calls involve someone claiming to be from Amazon and stating that they will be taking money from your account to renew a Prime subscription, typically for £79.99. Victims are told they can avoid this payment being taken by downloading an app to their phone or tablet, where they are then asked to confirm personal and banking details.

Perpetrators of this crime often target older people who are generally less familiar with technology, but we have received reports from younger generations too.
Please act with care if you receive an unsolicited call and never give or confirm any personal details or transfer funds into another account.

You can read the full press release, with advice from our Financial Abuse Safeguarding Officer, by clicking here."

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