Notice of FRA 2021 Annual General Meeting

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The FRA 2021 AGM will be held on 26th April, commencing at 7:30pm as an on-line meeting via Zoom.

An Agenda and details of guest speakers and log-in/meeting joining instructions are published on this website and have been emailed to registered Members.

The primary business of the AGM is to fulfil our obligations to you, our Members, to present our annual reports and accounts, and elect our essential office holders.

Customarily held during April each year, the 2020 AGM was delayed in the (then) hoped for anticipation of being able to be conducted as usual within the Village Hall at the end of the (first) Lockdown. In the event, it was eventually conducted, for the first time, as an on-line virtual meeting on the 18th June 2020.

This year, the earliest that legal limits on social contact may be expected to be removed to enable our return to a real meeting in the village Hall will be the 21st June. However, even this date remains subject to postponement and we also recognise that residents confidence to gather again in large numbers may also require further time to be restored. Therefore, it has been decided to again conduct this years AGM as a virtual meeting; reverting to an April date and also re-introducing guest speakers to provide presentations about topics of local interest.

In addition to the 2021 Agenda and Minutes of the 2020 AGM; Chairman's, Officers and various Committee Members reports are being posted under this AGM 2021 section of the website < here >