Last chance to comment on Draft Plan

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All the public responses to Mole Valley’s Draft Local Plan must be in by Monday March 23.  The Council says it will not be extending the deadline because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Even if there are just one or two things in the Plan you feel strongly about, don’t miss the chance to have your say.

The FRA is making its own response, but it is our view that the more responses the Council receives, the more it is likely to listen and revise its proposals.

You can respond by following this link to the response page of the Plan, or you can write your own letter to the Council.

However you respond, you must identify yourself by name and address so your right to respond can be verified.

If you want a short summary of the Plan, click through to the FRA's Quick Guide to the Plan as it affects Fetcham, and you can see the presentation that was made at our public meeting on March 1st.

Don’t forget that your response will be more effective if you reference the policy you wish to object to (or support) and then give evidence to back up your comments.

So for example in the case of Fetcham Springs, you would refer to it as ‘Site Allocation SA40: Land at Fetcham Springs, Cobham Road, Fetcham’.

You may wish to comment that you do not want to see the land reserved for playing pitches, club house and parking.  But supporting your comment with evidence that the area is part of, and close to, an area of flood risk is more effective.

For example, you could argue (and the FRA believes this to be true) that the proposals for Fetcham Springs run counter to Policy INF2 in the Plan which sets out the criteria for managing flood risk.

Fetcham Springs: Residents strongly oppose the idea of playing pitches. Some suggest it would be suitable as a wetland nature reserve.

Next Steps

The Council is likely to spend several weeks assessing responses.  It’s expected that it will eventually publish a revised plan, which will once again need to go out for public consultation.

It’s also likely the Council will be continuing its efforts to persuade government to ease the housing targets which have been set.

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