FRA to host Local plan village meeting

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The Fetcham Residents Association is holding a public meeting on Sunday March 1 in the Village Hall, at 6 pm, to discuss Mole Valley Council's draft local plan.

When the plan is legally adopted, it will become the blueprint document for development in the district from now until 2033. Residents have until March 23 to give their views about the draft plan to the Council.

The FRA's guests at the meeting will include Councillor Margaret Cooksey, Mole Valley Council's cabinet member for planning, and Jack Straw, one of the Council's most senior officials. Mole Valley MP, Sir Paul Beresford, has also accepted an invitation to attend. District and county councillors representing Fetcham are also expected to be there.

They will all be keen to hear your views and to answer questions you may have. The meeting will be chaired by the FRA's Chairman, Tim Waller.

The major element of the plan is the allocation of sites, some of them on Green Belt land, for new housing. Using a formula set down by Government, the Council says it has a housing target of more than 7,000 homes to be built over the next 15 years.

The plan identifies two development sites in Fetcham. The first is a five-acre site below the Elmer Water Treatment Works on Hawks Hill. Up to 55 homes could be built here. The second site is more than 20 acres of land at Fetcham Springs, adjoining the Cobham Road and Raymead Way, which has been earmarked for playing pitches, a clubhouse and parking. The land is owned by SES Water.

This site earmarked for 55 homes is located off Hawks Hill
Fetcham Springs, opposite Raymead Way, is earmarked for playing pitches, clubhouse and parking

In Bookham and Leatherhead much larger housing developments are planned: at least 400 in Bookham, and almost 1,600 in Leatherhead. This development will inevitably have an impact on Fetcham residents, in terms of transport, health services and schools.

The FRA is working closely with neighbouring Residents Associations in Bookham, Leatherhead and Ashtead to evaluate, and respond to, the proposals.

In addition, all residents are encouraged to visit the website and submit a response by March 23.


  1. The proposed large growth of Bookham will require some upgrades to Bookham station, such as accommodating 2 ticket booths.
    So SWR will need to be on board.

  2. Unfortunately, despite raising my hand at every opportunity, I was not able to make my points at the meeting on 1st March, regarding the proposal to build 55 houses on the Elmer Works site. Ian made a very good presentation. He then said that he would place the slides on your website but to date I have not been able to access them. This information will assist me in preparing information which I would like to convey to you and in the preparation of my submission to Mole Valley, relating to my concerns about this proposed development.
    As you are aware, the majority of the meeting was taken up by Fetcham Springs, which I am pleased to read is no longer on the table.

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