FRA Agm 2019

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Fetcham Residents Association

held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 17 April 2019 in Fetcham Village Hall.



Tim Hall (President and SCC Councillor), Susanne Taylor (Chairman), Tim Waller (Vice-Chairman), Alan Pooley (Treasurer), Kate Pocock (Secretary), Phyllis Avory (Minute Secretary),  Jen Addy (Membership Secretary),  James Fairclough (Honorary Secretary)


Ian Anderson, Richard Bradfield, Martin David, Sara Gyngell, Patty Harrison, Sylvia Oliver, Linda Tippelt

Councillors Clare Curran (SCC), Lynne Brooks (MVDC), Paul Kennedy (MVDC)

Attendees:      161

Guests:    Zoe Channon – Liaison Officer, Estate Team, Surrey Wildlife Trust

                  Inspector Karen Coyne – Mole Valley Neighbourhood Team, Surrey Police

                  David Duffill – Fetcham United Charities

                  Jess Hillicks and Deirdre Timney – The Alzheimer’s Society

                  Rev Andrew Smith – St Mary’s Church, Fetcham

                  Glen Westmore & Ben Crampin – Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) Team, Surrey County Council


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the 87th Annual General Meeting of the Fetcham Residents Association (FRA).

She advised that no questions would be taken during the meeting but instead there would be an ‘open forum’ following the formal proceedings.  This would give residents the opportunity to freely ask questions and discuss any concerns with the Committee, Councillors and/or guests. 

The Chairman introduced all of the guests, Councillors and Committee members.


Apologies received from Cllr Tracy Keeley (MVDC), Cllr Raj Haque (MVDC), Margaret Clarke (Committee member), Betty Williams (Tree Warden) and Mark Robinson (Highways/Roads).


The Chairman reported that it had been a challenging year since the last AGM.  Government cutbacks both at County and Borough level affected everyone.  Consequently the Chairman advised that one of her main objectives of the year was to grow the committee, its partners and network with a view to making the village community more united, bigger and stronger.  With this in mind the Association formed new alliances and welcomed new Committee members as follows:

  • Caroline Cardew Smith became an Associate Member.  She is founder of Friends of the River Mole is now officially also Fetcham’s representative within the Leatherhead &District Countryside Protection Society.
  • Linda Tippelt of Fetcham & Leatherhead Flood Action Group joined the main Committee.

The Chairman added at this point that with parts of Fetcham in the flood plain and no-one wanting to see a repeat of the dreadful flooding of 2013 it had been devastating to learn that no flood defence was going to be built.  The reason for this being that there is perceived to be no technical way of achieving this affordably.  However, vulnerable households are to be offered property level resilience surveys and the Enviromnent Agency is holding a ‘drop in’ on 04 June 2019.   Details of this will be posted on the FRA website.

  • Two new secretaries joined the Committee – Kate Pocock and Phyllis Avory.
  • Ian Anderson has come on to the Committee as Editor.
  • FRA has a new President in Cllr Tim Hall.
  • Martin David is the new Committee member for Highways.
  • Sue Joyce (Chairman of Fetcham Park Residents Association) has also joined as an Associate Member this year, representing her Association.


The Chairman explained how membership subscriptions have declined with the loss of the Road Stewards.  Although the FRA has significant support within the community, it has been a challenge to get people to join and renew.  Residents’ support in the way of subscriptions is needed to fund the things that the FRA do.  If income continues to drop so will the FRA’s ability to provide things.  Therefore residents were asked to encourage their neighbours to join/renew by paying their subscriptions.

Subscriptions can be made via -

  • the FRA website;
  • PayPal;
  • in the Symphony Travel shop by cash;
  • by post with a completed form and a cheque.

Sue Joyce will provide a direct link between Fetcham Park Residents Association and the FRA giving a better line of communication for residents and their issues.  The Chairman would like to see more of such membership links.  She suggested that if anyone has a small group associated with their road or roads they should consider officially join the FRA as a group and send a representative to the FRA meetings to highlight any issues.

Ian Anderson, also mentioned above, was thanked for the sterling job he has made of the new look FRA Newsletter. Ian will also take on the email updates.  It was difficult to maintain this service last year simply because of lack of resources.

Jen Addy, Membership Secretary, would be very pleased to talk to anyone at the meeting who wanted to follow up the suggestion of joining as a group.  She would also be keen to hear from anyone with other suggestions or who could help with membership promotion.  Assistance is always needed and everyone was encouraged to ‘step up’ if they can offer their help and skills. 

Jen Addy also manages the FRA’s social media accounts, a great tool for instant alerts.  The links are on the website and if members are not already signed up they are encouraged to do so.

Jen Addy gave sincere thanks via the Chairman to Symphony Travel for hosting the FRA’s drop box again and thanks were also given to all the faithful members who continue to support the FRA and renew their membership.


Green Spaces are important to a community and the Chairman pointed out that you only need to pick up a paper or listen to the news to know that mental health and well-being is a very current issue. Teaming up with Lucy Quinnell Chairman of L&DCPS, the Lower Mole Partnership and MVDC the Chairman embarked upon another community project seeking to improve the management and well-being of The Splash as a community nature reserve. With the ownership and management of the site being split between parties there have historically been certain grey areas with the management.  This has taken our Chairman several years to clarify. It is now agreed and laid out.  The Chairman hopes that we will in the future see more continuity in the care taking of this area. Having this finally agreed has been a major milestone allowing the Chairman to move forward, to seek and secure funding to enhance the value of this hidden haven.  A new information board at the entrance to The Splash will be erected outlining the rich history and folklore of this much loved place. Some new log benches on the island riverbank should appear recycling some of the trunks that have been cut down. Refurbishment and cleaning of the existing benches is due to take place. The existing River Walk board has also been refurbished and will be re-sited in a more appropriate position so as not to obscure the view. Bird nesting boxes will also be placed.

The Chairman hopes that this will enhance the space for all to use and enjoy in the future.  The work is not yet completed but it should be in the coming weeks.

Having established a Tree Warden Scheme, the annual Section 106 tree planting did not go ahead this year.  However we hope to embark on maintenance work on some of the existing community trees in and around the village and perhaps look to plant trees in more community spaces rather than verges.

Patty Harrison our Environment officer’s litter pick groups have gone from strength to strength providing a fantastic example of working together as a community.  A family affair, they meet on one Sunday in every month.   Anyone wanting to join in should simply sign-up to Patty’s email group and she will let you know the dates.  The information is all on our website.

Bursaries – in addition to the FRA’s long standing commitment of annual bursaries to Oakfield School, we also supported their Outdoor Learning Project.  Officially opened on 04 April 2019 the new Outdoor Learning Area consists of wooden shelters, a ‘live’ willow hut, a water and sand learning station and plantings. We participated in helping to fund the gardening aspect of this new area where students have benefitted enormously from various experiences and learning activities,  for example growing potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, strawberries, lavender and more.  Also, learning how plants grow, measuring the growth process, harvesting the fruits and making them into jams and chutneys were just some of the exercises.  We are informed that in addition to this area being used as a teaching space it also provides a special refuge for those days when individual students want to have their own space away from the playground.

The Brighter Fetcham Team, led by Sylvia Oliver and Margaret Clarke, has been as busy as ever.  Growing their team to encompass their husbands as well as some additional carers of adopted planters, they work tirelessly behind the scenes purchasing and planting both winter and summer flowers.  So it was a huge disappointment when our village planters yet again suffered mindless vandalism last autumn. However, true to form the ladies rallied round and salvaged what they could to put everything back together in a matter of days. Having established the principle of a young person doing some community service for their Duke of Edinburgh Award, Sylvia has once again accepted a young person for this year. 

To acknowledge the Centenary of Armistice Day the ladies proudly purchased and displayed Silent Soldiers last year. Additionally they erected Union Jacks in the village for St Georges Day and for the Royal Wedding.  On behalf of the community, the Chairman expressed her heartfelt thanks to all involved in the Brighter Fetcham Team.

Roads and road parking is alwaysa contentious and ongoing issue in the village. The Chairman highlighted a few of the things that have been achieved as follow:

  • We secured the erection of additional bollards on Orchard Parade which will hopefully make it safer for pedestrians. It is believed that the installation of the bollards is imminent.
  • We supported residents’ requests and submitted and secured additional parking restrictions in the Cobham Rd and Gatesden Rd to The Street. 
  • We supported residents in their concern over the possibilities of an increase in road parking following the introduction of countryside car park charges, namely at the top of the access road to Bocketts Farm.  Any new trends will be monitored and reported.
  • We are working towards trying to escalate repairs to the Stoke d’Abernon bridge.
  • We secured temporary weekly cleaning to Leatherhead Bridge in the wake of still no long term solution being found for the pigeons which congregate there.

Additionally, the Chairman, to ensure that everyone is aware of how proactive the Committee actually is, highlighted some of the other things done last year:

  • We liaised with Clarion Housing supporting residents over issues within the Pound Crescent estate.
  • We liaised with SES Water over trees and shrubbery, resulting in SES water agreeing to trim back hedges and shrubbery to reclaim the pavements and footpath around the Mill Pond.
  • With Linda Tippelt now taking on the mantle we continue to seek a solution to the flooding of Footpath 16. With various agencies being involved this is not an easy task. Migrating between the various agencies, establishing land owners and responsibilities and getting them to agree on the route of the problem and the works required will be a long process.
  • We updated our rules and created a privacy policy in line with the new data protection policies.
  • We dealt with numerous resident enquires.
  • We laid a wreath at the Fetcham Memorial on Remembrance Day for Fetcham’s Fallen.
  • Despite the unkind weather the Christmas team hosted another successful Christmas Fayre and Santa’s Grotto for the children of Fetcham.

The Chairman added that as she has mentioned many times before, staging this Christmas event takes an inordinate amount of work, as it is not simply to do with the day of the Christmas Fayre.  It encompasses putting up and taking down the village Christmas trees and lights on behalf of the traders, and many months of preparation from all of the Christmas sub-committee - from the health and safety requirements to the road closure, tombola, stalls and MC.  The Chairman expressed her sincere thanks on behalf of all those who enjoyed the day.

The Chairman said that although the FRA is committed to this event, 2019 will possibly see the start of development at the Tudor Motors site and this will naturally affect the ability to host the fayre in its current format.   The Chairman confirmed that she has tried to make inroads into the suggestion of exploring the possibilities of joining forces with the Village Hall to create one Fetcham Village Christmas Fayre for this current year… so watch this space.

The Chairman then added that Stonegate, the developers of the Tudor Motors site, have agreed to erect the original circa 1920’s clock that was presented to the Tinney brothers by the community and was on the old garage. The brothers gave it back to the FRA when they ceased trading as the family received it from the community and they kindly felt it appropriate to give it back to the community.  Currently stored, the Chairman thought it only fitting that if possible it should be added to the new building.  So the developers were persuaded to incorporate it.

In conclusion the Chairman said that whether it is flooding, medical matters, planning, roads or the environment there are always opportunities for us to come together as a community and build a better Fetcham!  She has now completed her three year term as Chairman and would be stepping down at this AGM passing on the mantle to her very dear colleague Tim Waller. She has enjoyed her time as Chairman immensely and has nothing but sincere respect for all her colleagues and the friends that she has made along the way, all of whom work tirelessly and voluntarily for the community.  She added that she hopes that she is leaving the FRA with a good foundation to move positively forward and continue its good works.  She then took the opportunity to sincerely thank all the team who have supported her and helped her to achieve the things that she has during her time as Chairman.

The Chairman then passed over to her colleague and Vice President, Tim Waller, for his reports on Planning, Medical matters and Transform Leatherhead.

At this point Tim Waller took over as Chairman of the rest of the meeting.


Tim Waller reported that buildings development within Fetcham has continued to be monitored by his colleague and Committee member Richard Bradfield.  In the past year there have been over 170 Fetcham Planning Applications published by the MVDC Planning Department and opened for public comment.  Each week, newly published applications and those still open for comment, are displayed in the FRA’s Noticeboard outside Sainsbury’s. Such applications, plus those awaiting decisions and those either approved, refused or withdrawn during the previous three months are all listed on the FRA’s website under the Planning menu tab and they link directly to the MVDC Planning website page where full details of plans and correspondence can be viewed.

Monitoring of those 170 plus applications includes Richard’s initial, internal, assessment of the likelihood of understandable reasons for concerns or objections being raised by local residents. The FRA may subsequently be approached by residents for help or advice in voicing their concerns or objections to such applications, as well as about apparent breaches of approved applications and unauthorised development. As appropriate, Richard will attempt to provide guidance and advice, including direct FRA support as part of the FRA’s voluntary service to our community.

Since this time last year, there have been at least 9 significant applications with which the FRA has actively engaged. Not always successfully it has to be said. However, in the majority of cases we do believe that the FRA’s considered comments, for or against, have we hope contributed to the Planning Officers arriving at the right decisions for Fetcham.

Finally, the overlong running saga of the development of the Tudor Motors site is at last drawing to the ‘end of the beginning’.  We understand that the developer, Stonegate Homes, has engaged a construction company to build out the approved plans and that various legal planning undertakings and obligations have been, or are about to be, signed off.  Tim added that residents should please be aware that the expectation is it will take 9 to 12 months to complete all the work required. The traffic and parking issues around the site may become much worse before they can improve. But, as Susanne Taylor mentioned, the Tudor Motors Clock will be back.


Still part of the community reference group representing the FRA Tim Waller advised that he recently attended a meeting discussing the re-modelling of the High Street and those steps required to bring more people into the Town Centre. The next step is for MVDC to come back with short/mid-term proposals at a further meeting at the end of June.

The principal concern of many of the participants present was and still is parking, namely to create more short -term car parking. However, this issue was not discussed although it was felt by a number of participants as fundamental to the future prosperity of Leatherhead now and moving forward. A multi-storey car park close to the station to contain the commuter daytime parking would have an immediate positive impact on future trading in the town.

Clare House and James House Bridge Street

The outline planning application for 40 units was submitted in November 2018. Tim understands that a number of responses have been received and are being worked through. In line with the potential loss of the existing/adjoining car park, a temporary change of use application is in process to make use of the disused tennis courts close to the Leisure Centre for temporary car parking during the construction period.

You can obtain updated information from the Transform Leatherhead website

Surrey Police Re-location

We were advised by MVDC that Surrey Police would be re-locating from Mount Browne, Guildford and moving to Cleeve Road, Leatherhead but probably not for 4-5 years. It is hoped that this might assist in improving the highways network in/around Leatherhead.

Future updates on all issues can be accessed via the FRA website and on social media.


There were three main issues that Tim Waller wished to highlight:

  1. The future of Epsom and St Helier Hospitals

The three potential options remain of where a new acute services facility would be best placed.

Tim has been informed that the majority of services will continue to be delivered from both the Epsom and St Helier sites, regardless of any other changes.  These services include out-patient appointments, tests like scans or bloods, antenatal and post- natal maternity clinics, chemotherapy, dialysis and day surgery.

At present, the Trust is looking to address the significant challenges at Epsom and St Helier hospitals that surround clinical standards, finances and estates.

The Trust is working closely with GP’s and commissioning groups before deciding whether a public consultation should be held on any of their options. It is envisaged that consultation will be programmed for 2020 but timings are subject to change depending on the feedback from their regulators.

Please utilise their website at

  • NHS 111

Tim advised of the changes to NHS 111 and GP out of hours services as of the 28 March 2019.

The provider of NHS 111 in our area will change to Care UK. This translates that as current providers of the Surrey GP out of hours service, Care UK will now deliver an integrated urgent care service made up of GP’s out of hours, NHS 111 and a clinical assessment service which should make it easier to get help from a wider range of health care professionals. 

In the latest FRA Newsletter Tim referred to the Integrated Dorking Epsom and East Elmbridge alliance that covers all GP practices in our area - this will involve changes in the operation of the HUB, whereby on a rota basis, each GP practice in this alliance will provide an out of hours service, which currently is located at Leatherhead Hospital -to be called Primary Care Networks.

On the day of this AGM Tim received a presentation that includes a video which will be available on our website that will explain the vision of a Primary Care Network. (PCN)

The Leatherhead PCN encapsulates Ashlea Medical Centre, Molebridge, Fairfield, Eastwick Medical practice, Cobham and Oxshott surgeries with a total of around 64K patients.

  • Planning /Infrastructure/GP Services

As the current PPG Chairman of Eastwick Medical practice in Bookham, Tim said that he is only too aware of the bureaucratic and regulatory pressures that the GP’s are under.  As a result of this plus more people moving to within this community appointment waiting times are lengthening.   The Molebridge practices in North Leatherhead and Fetcham were acquired last year by IMH Holdings who have not fulfilled their obligations with the result that there has been a drift of patients to other local practices. For example the Eastwick practice which has been open for 20 years and was designed for 5000 patients has now risen in that intervening period within the same premises to 8000 patients.   This has caused severe parking problems and administration issues.

Tim was delighted to report that Molebridge has recently received a good CQC report and as of the previous week is no longer part of the IMH group. Instead they are now an autonomous practice with Dr David Jones as their partner.

Updates will be provided on social media, via our website and our newsletter when there is any further news.


Cllr Tim Hall thanked Susanne Taylor for the huge contribution and positive changes she had made to the FRA during her three years as Chairman.  Tim went on to propose Tim Waller as the new Chairman.  Seconded by Susanne Taylor and unanimously carried.

Tim Waller then continued with the election of Officers as follows:

Tim Hall as President

Richard Bradfield and Ian Anderson as Honorary Vice-Chairman

Alan Pooley as Honorary Treasurer

Kate Pocock as Secretary

Phyllis Avory as Minute Secretary

Jen Addy as Honorary Membership Secretary

James Fairclough as Honorary Solicitor

The following existing committee members were willing to stand for re-election:

Sylvia Oliver

Margaret Clarke

Patty Harrison

Mark Robinson

Sara Gyngell

Additionally during the course of the year Ian Anderson, Linda Tippelt and Martin David were co-opted onto the committee and were willing to stand for election.

Tim Waller as Chairman recommended and proposed all of the above for election.  Seconded by Rob Dempsey and unanimously carried.


The Chairman presented the Treasurer’s report on behalf of Alan Pooley, Hon Treasurer.


The Annual costs of running the FRA is circa £1k and it has been possible to maintain the bursaries of £260 to Oakfield School and assist the Infants school with £400 towards a garden storage box.

The Newsletter has changed beyond all recognition. The printing, copying and distribution costs for two editions per annum are covered by the inclusion of advertisements from local traders and other local businesses.

The Christmas Fayre event centred on the provision of the large Christmas tree and the smaller ones above the shops were maintained.

Brighter Fetcham Ladies have again made a splendid job of maintaining the flower tubs in the village and the £626 spent during this financial year was primarily on plants etc brought from the Vineries in Effingham.

The deficit in this year highlights the need to strengthen our donations from residents within our community and the need to review the workings of the Christmas Fayre that demands a very high level of work during the preparation period and income on the day can be greatly affected by inclement weather.

The Chairman thanked Barry Jones (FCCA), Hon Auditor for examining and agreeing the Financial Statement for the year ended 31 December 2018.

Due to time constraints any questions would be taken during the open forum after the formal part of the meeting.

The accounts are available on the website.

The Chairman proposed that the accounts be adopted and this was seconded by David Jackson.  Carried.


The first guest speaker was Glen Westmore from SCC: The Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA). 

Glen is the Flood Risk Asset, Planning and Programming Team Leader.  He gave an interesting talk which covered:

  • Details of where flood risk management responsibilities lie between the different agencies involved for example SCC is responsible for groundwater and surface water;  MVDC  for water courses.  The Environment Agency, Highways England and Southern Water are also involved.
  • LLFA duties and powers were explained along with local flood risk management strategy and objectives.
  • Explanation and examples of SUDS (Sustainable drainage systems).
  • Fixing flooding

Enquiries can be made by emailing

The second guest speaker was Zoe Channon from Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT). 

Zoe is one of the Liaison Officers working on the Estates Team and has Norbury Park as one of her responsibilities.  She presented an informative overview of SWT and its work, and then moved specifically to Norbury Park: 

Zoe addressed the camping/glamping application at Norbury which had been the subject of considerable local discussion.   She confirmed that this was part of income generation discussions with SCC and said that lessons had been learnt from the process.  There were Site issues around feasibility – roads in etc.  Currently no one at SWT is working on this proposal.  She apologised on behalf of SWT about how this had been taken forward.

Regarding Ash Dieback at Norbury Park Zoe highlighted the following points:

  • High infection rate at Norbury Park
  • An emotional topic for both SWT and the public
  • Decision made to selectively fell Ash along footpaths, bridleways, boundaries and roads
  • Public information – walks, letter drops
  • Obtained Forestry Commission license and Natural England SSSI consent
  • Complex working within EPS guidance
  • Ash went for chip (Kent power station) and some furniture saw logs.
  • Licensed for 20ha removal – undertook 7.29ha
  • Tree safety works ongoing

Finally Zoe addressed Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) at Norbury Park:

  • Main issue at the moment is motor biking and quad biking
  • Infrastructure is being repeatedly broken and people are encountering threatening behaviour
  • SWT are not an enforcement agency, if incidents happen these must be reported to the Police, who are well aware of the issues in this area,  through 101 and if more serious 999
  • SWT is working with the Police and their 4x4 scramble unit to try and tackle the ASB. This is a criminal issue.

Surrey Police will be holding a day of action tackling Rural Crime on 19th May – more information on the Mole Valley Police Facebook feed Mole Valley beat (Surrey Police)

The SWT website is at

The third guest speaker was Inspector Karen Coyne of Surrey Police. 

Karen is Mole Valley Borough Commander and she gave an informative talk on policing in Mole Valley.

Two teams – the Specialist Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and the Neighbourhood Patrol Team (NPT)

The SNT focus is on prevention.  This team is responsible for partnership working and problem solving around chronic and complex neighbourhood issues.    The SNT aims to provide a visible presence and a point of contact.

The NPT is responsible for policing of Mole Valley 24/7, mainly in marked cars. The team -

  • responds to incidents
  • investigates volume crime
  • polices neighbourhoods tackling less chronic ASB and problem solving.  Patrols and tasking support the work of the SNT.

Not all crimes are investigated but all are recorded and reviewed.  Karen explained how this operates.

Karen provided useful contacts as follow:

In an emergency phone 999 and ask for Police

Non-emergency and to report a crime phone 101 or report online at

For general contact with local officers:

PCSO Marion Hawkins  or 01483 631362

PC Jenny Juffs or 01483 631351

Sgt Lee Wells or 01483 631360 Neighbourhood watch, join online for accredited crime prevention products for your home.

The fourth guest speakers were Jess Hillicks and Dierdre Timney from the Alzheimer’s Society

Another very interesting and informative talk.

Jess spoke first –

  • One person in the UK is diagnosed with dementia every 3 minutes.
  • Estimated there will be over 1million dementia sufferers by 2021.
  • There are over 100 types of dementia of which Alzheimer’s is just one and the most common.
  • Dementia can now appear on death certificates as the cause of death and is now the leading cause of death in the UK. 
  • Everyone is different and dementia can therefore present itself in different ways with different people.
  • Dementia is not a normal part of ageing and it’s more than memory loss.  For example it can manifest itself in mood changes, difficulty in concentrating etc.
  • It is important to see a GP early if dementia is suspected and to get a diagnosis.
  • Once dementia is known to be present the Alzheimer’s Society can provide support.
  • The Alzheimer’s Society is the only charity which not only researches into cause and cure but also provides care.

Jess highlighted the Dementia Revolution fundraising charity  - a joining up of the Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK

20 to 26 May 2019 is Dementia Action Week. 

Jess encouraged us to chat with sufferers.

Dierdre then spoke.  She has a local role in running Side by Side which is a new Alzheimer's Society service that helps people with dementia to keep doing the things they love. The service helps people get out and about with the support of a volunteer doing an activity of their choice.

Volunteers are always needed so please contact the charity if you can help.

Our other guests were David Duffill and the Reverend Andrew Smith.  Tim Waller explained that they would both be in the John Rumble Hall after the main meeting and gave the following information:

David Duffill is Chair of Fetcham United Charities which is responsible for both the ten almshouses at Morley Court, at the corner of River Lane and Cobham Road, as well as the Reading Room opposite.   He would be pleased to provide further information on both and would be particularly keen to talk to anyone interested in potentially joining the trustees in the role of secretary.

Reverend Andrew Smith of St Mary’s Church, Fetcham.   As St Mary’s is some 1000 years old and has been a hub of the village both spiritually and socially for many centuries, we felt it appropriate to perhaps highlight that in addition to spiritual support the church offers other community outreach strands, a place for celebrations, rent the church hall, after school drop ins, live TV showings of major sporting events with their new AV system, family clubs ‘who let the dads out’ and more.  So please speak to Andrew or go on their website.


The new Chairman closed the meeting. He apologised for the meeting over-running slightly but the topics had hopefully been of considerable interest to residents.

The FRA would continue to strive to achieve good outcomes on behalf of the community.  Times were challenging, services were being squeezed and at the same time new homes were being planned with as yet no infrastructure improvement. Everyone needs to work together for the community in a constructive way.

We need a range of ages on the Committee, local involvement and funds, so please come forward if you can help and get involved.

It was sad to see Susanne stepping down as Chairman and Tim said she would be a very hard act to follow.  Her tenacity and involvement had not gone unnoticed and the numbers present at this meeting were testament to her hard work over the past three years.

Susanne was then presented with flowers and a framed photograph of ‘The Splash’ as a memento of her time as FRA Chairman.

Susanne thanked everyone and said how much she had enjoyed her time involved with FRA.

In conclusion, a special thank you was given to the guests for coming along and supporting FRA, much appreciated.  And a huge thank you to Kate for staging the event so brilliantly, her first AGM. Finally a big thank you to the members for attending this AGM. 

Attendees were reminded that the John Rumble Hall was now open for refreshments kindly donated by Sainsbury’s and that all guest speakers would be available for the ‘open forum’.  Councillors and Committee members were also available in both halls to answer any questions or concerns.

If you are reading this having missed the meeting the Committee details are available on the website should you wish to contact us at a later date. 

We hope that you found this evening informative and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Tim Waller


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