FRA Accounts for the year ended 31st December 2019

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For 2019, the Association had a satisfactory financial year ending with only a slight deficit of £69. The Statement of Accounts is shown below.

One significant item of expenditure, the manufacture and installation of the Display Board at the “Splash”, was covered by a Mole Valley District Council grant. Another one was the cost of preparing and distributing the two Newsletters that was covered this time, by the income from Traders’ advertisements obtained by the Chairman’s strenuous efforts and liaison with them.

Partly due to the uncertainty as to when the redevelopment of the garage site would commence, the Christmas Tree festival was a much lower key affair and the expenditure correspondingly considerably less than on previous occasions. The Association did however benefit from a grant of £449 from Mole Valley District Council and an unsolicited grant of £500 from the Leatherhead Chamber of Commerce, both of which were much appreciated.

The normal regular expenditure in running the Association is broadly similar to previous years and we again provided Oakfield School with the Bursary of £260, part of which originated in memory of the late John Piper, chairman in the early 1990s

The Brighter Fetcham expenditure include the stocking and maintenance of the various planters around the village plus costs associated with the monthly Litter Picks. Further work on the maintenance of trees in our Locality is on -going and necessitated further expenditure of C£400

The Chairman and committee decided after consultation that an upgraded Website on a new template was needed to improve both internal and external communication amongst our members and the Community as a whole..TekMate in the village undertook to produce this in conjunction with the Vice Chairmen and the arrangement with our existing provider was eventually terminated. In the changeover there were initially technical problems associated with the access to PayPal to pay a subscription so income from that source was reduced during 2019-now rectified. Furthermore, a facility to pay by Bank transfer was made available early in 2020 and in future would be the first option on the FRA’s Join/Renew page on the web site.

The Accounts have been accordingly signed and I recommend that they be approved and adopted.

Alan V Pooley

Hon Treasurer

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