Would you pay £15 a year extra for more police?

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Would you be willing to pay slightly more Council Tax to pay for a better police service in Surrey?

That’s the question that Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner David Munro is putting to residents.  The consultation close on February 5th, and you can take part in the survey here.

The Commissioner is asking for an extra 5.5% on the policing element of the Council Tax.  This would equate to £15 a year on an average Band D Council Tax Bill.

Mr Munro says that the extra money would allow the recruitment of 150 extra officers and staff in the coming year.   They would be able to tackle priorities such as:

  • A new team of officers focused on reducing the most serious accidents on our roads.
  • A dedicated rural crime team to tackle and prevent issues in the county’s rural communities.
  • More police staff focused on assisting local investigations, such as interviewing suspects.
  • Trained intelligence gathering and research analysts to gather information on criminal gangs operating in Surrey and help target those causing the most harm in our communities.
  • More police staff focused on engaging with the public and making it easier to contact Surrey Police via digital means and the 101 service.
  • Additional funding to provide key support services for victims of crime - in particular domestic violence, stalking and child abuse.  

If you want to read more about the PCC's proposal - please click here: http://www.surrey-pcc.gov.uk/get-involved/council-tax-consultation-2021-22/

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