Road and Pavement Repair Requests

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It was clear from the recent resident engagement survey that the quality of the roads and pavements within Fetcham are causing many residents concern, especially from a health & safety point of view.

Following a productive committee meeting held on Monday 21st of February, we learned that there are funds available through Surrey County Council to make long lasting repairs to our most needed highways. In addition to Operation Horizon, Surrey County Councils highway maintenance investment programme for major roads, there are also other programmes and an allocation for local repairs.

The Fetcham Residents Association have agreed to collate a list of resident repair requests to pass on to the Council. Simply fill in the details below, which will be passed on to Councillors to prioritise.

Please use identifying landmarks, such as house numbers, post boxes, shops or more to specifically highlight where the repair is required

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  1. The pavement along this stretch of Cobham road is narrow and muddy due to grass (mud) encroachment and to a lesser extent hedges.

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