Proposed Future Mole Valley Local Plan Timetable

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MVDC's July Newsletter, published at the beginning of July, provided an update on some initial findings from the recent public consultation on the draft Local Plan. Indications were also provided of the broad scope and extensive scale of further work and evidence identified as being required before a further public consultation on a revised draft Local Plan.

This MVDC News Release, published on the 8th July, sets out the impact that the further work will have upon the timetable towards reaching a Local Plan agreement.

Councillor Margaret Cooksey, Cabinet Member for Planning, said:

“The preparation of our Future Mole Valley Local Plan is one of the most important responsibilities we have as a council. We must get it right. It is our duty as a council to ensure that the amount of development the government requires us to plan for is in the best interests of residents and businesses.

“The response rate to the public consultation was very healthy indeed and clearly showed how important our residents and businesses consider the work that is being undertaking to plan the future of our district. It is only by listening to the, in many cases, impassioned views from respondents demonstrating significant local insight that it has become clear that we need more time than previously thought in order to consider our plan in greater depth. As such, we are setting out that we will not be proceeding to the next stage of consultation in the autumn as previously expected.  We will be considering how consultation responses should be dealt with and setting a new timetable in November.

“We believe that this extra time will allow us to explore further detailed assessments of traffic, transport and air quality, work on plans to deliver school and care provision infrastructure, in addition to providing play areas and sports facilities, as well as making sure our work takes account of the comments that have been made. We also recognise that Mole Valley, and the wider world, is not the same as when we began our work on the plan. This extra time will afford us a valuable window to be able to carefully consider our approach to the climate change emergency and affordable housing. Additional work will mean additional spending over the next few years. We consider this is the right thing to do though to ensure – and I cannot stress this enough – we get it right not just for now, but for future generations.

“Currently, our plan looks at accommodating development needs from 2018-2033. It is clear, as we find ourselves beyond the mid-point of 2020, that we need to address this so that the development need and provision is accurately reflected. The Government requires us to plan for a minimum of 15 years. We are therefore proposing that the plan period changes to cover 2020-2037. Doing so is not being taken lightly. It means we would need to accommodate two more years of housing in the plan. The minimum number of homes to be delivered each year would also increase slightly from 449 to 453. We have much work ahead of us in order to ascertain whether the district is capable of meeting this number.” 


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