Proposed Change of (New) Road Name

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Notification provided by MVDC Planning Department

Date: 03/01/2020
SNN Case Ref: 8006
Subject: Proposed change to road name at Beech Close, Fetcham

In September 2018 Mole Valley Street Naming and Numbering Department received a request to name a new development in Leatherhead Road, Fetcham. The road name proposed for this new development was ‘Beech Close’ and, following the usual consultations and Street Naming and Numbering process, the name was agreed and assigned. In June 2019 it was brought to our attention that there is a road named ‘Beech Tree Close’ approximately 350 metres to the west of Beech Close also located off the A246 Guildford Road. Whilst Beech Tree Close has a different locality (Bookham) and a different post code (KT23 4FB) to Beech Close it is felt that the proximity of the two similar names could potentially cause problems should any emergency services be called to either location.

FRA NOTE: The development site of 8 new dwellings was previously occupied by properties known as 'Ridgelea' and 'Briar Bank', located adjacent to 'Silverdale', Guildford Road, Fetcham, KT22 9BW

I am therefore writing to inform you that Mole Valley is carrying out a consultation with a view to changing the name of Beech Close to ‘Briarbank Close’.

I would be pleased to receive any comments that you wish to make on this proposal by 3 February 2020 and these may be emailed directly to .

It is intended that a report on this matter will be submitted to Council for a decision on 11 February 2020 and if the recommendation is to adopt ‘Briarbank Close’ then a date will be set for this change to take place. Residents’ will be informed of the decision of the Council and any date for the name change should the proposal be agreed.

Yours faithfully , Jack Straw, Executive Head of Service (Place and Environment)

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