Norbury Park Community Forum

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From Patrick Bisgood

Generations of Fetcham residents have enjoyed Norbury Park since the house and its estate were acquired at auction by Surrey County Council in 1930.  What many residents may not be aware of is that Surrey Wildlife Trust, which manages the reserve on behalf of Surrey County Council, holds a twice yearly meeting of the Norbury Park Community Forum.  Membership includes local councillors, representatives of residents associations (such as the FRA) and other interested bodies.

Issues that have affected Norbury Park during the past year include a planning application for a permanent campsite (no longer proceeding), a programme of ash tree felling and the introduction of car parking charges across most of Surrey County Council’s countryside estate.

Despite some vandalism to ticket machines when the parking charges were first introduced, unofficial data suggests that parking at the Fetcham car park is down by less than at many other Surrey countryside car parks.  There has however, as expected, been an increase in additional, and sometimes inconsiderate, parking in nearby roads.  The County Council says that a cross-party group will review the parking charges, but it is still unclear when this will happen.

The organisation, Save Surrey Countryside, has been campaigning for the parking charges to be revoked and its Facebook page has regular updates about the progress being made.

The next meeting of the Norbury Park Community Forum is on 28th November and any Fetcham resident who has any questions or concerns should contact Patrick Bisgood, the FRA representative on the forum, at

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