Litter: We don’t have to live with it!

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An unwelcome side effect of the Covid pandemic has been an upsurge in litter.

As many of you will have noticed, Fetcham village and the Splash have not been immune.

Worst of all some people appear to think it's 'ok' to drop their PPE face masks in the street too.

Some of our readers have been moved to send us pictures.

If the bin is full, there's often another close by. Or just take it home.
The Street, outside Tudor Motors.

The good news is that more of us are getting passionate about picking litter up. Before lockdown intervened, Sunday morning social litter picking was going from strength to strength, organised once a month by the FRA's Patty Harrison.

Patty says: "When I pick up litter around the community I am reminded why it is important. It doesn't clog street drainage, it saves animals like dogs from hurting their paws.

"And picking up litter around The Splash saves swimmers from cutting their feet on cans and saves fish and wild birds from entanglements or ill health. It's a winner."

Cooling off in the Splash

From next month, Sunday September 18th, Patty and the team are back. New comers are welcome - meet outside Greenwise at 10am. Gloves, bags and litter pickers all provided. Pick the litter for an hour and enjoy a coffee afterwards.

Many families and teenagers have been visiting one of Fetcham's hidden gems, the Splash in River Lane. No one wants to see discarded plastic waste or broken glass.

Caroline Cardew-Smith is one of the many volunteers who help maintain the area and its wildlife throughout the year.

She says: "I cannot understand why people drop litter and why they do not have more pride in living in a clean, litter free Britain.

"Apart from being an obvious blight on our towns and countryside, litter often ends up hurting wildlife. It also ends up in our rivers and the sea.

"Micro plastics are a huge problem, and scientists are finding that these tiny particles of plastic are now in our food chain. There is no excuse to drop litter, just bin it properly or take it home."  

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