Hospital boss urges residents to have check-ups for non-Covid conditions

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Residents have been urged to set Covid fears aside and have their health concerns checked out - before any problems become worse.

Epsom and St Helier Chief Executive Daniel Elkeles was speaking to the FRA as he confirmed that his staff were now treating just a handful of Covid patients, compared to 350 at the peak.

However, referrals to some of the hospital‘s specialists are still more than 30 per cent down on the average.

“We are about to get into a place nationally where more people are going to experience bad health because they don’t use the NHS, than they would do from getting Covid,” he said.


And he added that his biggest concern now was the threat of a second wave of Covid - combined with a surge in seasonal winter flu.

“The most important thing residents can do is to get a flu jab.  The biggest worry is that we have a flu spike and a Covid spike - that is enormous.”

Mr Elkeles was keen to stress the extent to which patients attending Epsom Hospital are being protected from the threat of getting Covid.

All the hospital’s diagnostic services are back, but there’s strict separation between patients having planned tests, and those having unplanned or emergency ones. This way patients known to be Covid free can be safeguarded.

Open for Business

“We are here and open for business. We are well staffed, we will look after you, keep you safe, we have the infection control measures in place,” said Mr Elkeles.

The Molebridge GP surgery in Cannonside now has a new team of doctors and nurses, and is open mornings and afternoons.  The premises have been refurbished with cash support from the Epsom and St Helier Hospital Trust.

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