Have Your Say on the Future of Epsom Hospital – The Deadline is April 1

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You have until next Wednesday to make your voice heard on the future of hospital services in our area.

Epsom and St Helier Hospital Trust was given the green light last autumn to spend £500m to build a new acute hospital. The question is - where to build it?

The Trust is suggesting three options.

Option 1 (which is the doctors' preferred option) is to build the new hospital on a site next to the Royal Marsden (cancer) Hospital in Sutton. A&E and maternity services would transfer from Epsom and St Helier. But Epsom and St Helier would retain 85% of their existing services, including their Urgent Treatment Centres. The Trust says this option delivers best value for the taxpayer.

Option 2 is to build the new acute hospital at Epsom by redeveloping the existing site. All the acute services, including A&E, would be present. The Trust says this would take longer to build than Sutton, and for most people in the Trust's catchment area, would mean longer travel times. The Trust says this option delivers least value for the taxpayer.

Option 3 is to build the acute hospital by redeveloping the St Helier site. Again this is said to be more complex to build than the Sutton option. Epsom would lose its A&E and acute services, but retain its Urgent Treatment Centre. This option is said to be better value for the taxpayer than Epsom, but not as good as Sutton.

This is a very brief summary of a complex set of choices. We recommend that you look at the consultation website www.improvinghealthcaretogether.org.uk before making a response.

The FRA has also put a series of questions on the issue to the Trust Chief Executive, Daniel Elkeles, which you may find useful.


  1. I think it would be best to be built next to the marsden as there would not be any upheaval to exidting hospitals while work is being carried out.

  2. Especially in this current climate plus the predicted new housing, whatever it takes we need to increase our hospital services not confine them.

  3. Option 2 is preferred to other options because it is more central catchment area. It has
    good public transport links for non drivers and the elderly. Also if an accident on the M25, Epsom is the nearest location. The other options have difficult and poor transport links for those living in Mole Valley.
    It would appear that Epsom has enough land to build and provide the services needed. It is also more central to give much quicker access times for A&E Services.
    Finally, those living in western end of the catchment area would be forced to use
    Guilford Hospital placing more pressure on that resource.

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