FRA co-sponsors anti-litter banners

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The FRA has co-sponsored two banners at the Splash - highlighting the harm caused by litter.

The banners were the brainchild of FRA committee member Caroline Cardew-Smith, who also volunteers with the Leatherhead and District Countryside Protection Society.

The L&DCPS, which works throughout the year maintaining some of the land around the Splash, has jointly sponsored the banners with the FRA.

One of the banners on the gate leading to the meadow on Splash Island

The Splash and its surrounding fields have been very popular with visitors during the hot summer weather.

But the levels of litter being reported have become a real concern.

The FRA and L&DCPS hope that the banner will remind visitors that litter doesn't just look unsightly, but presents a danger to pets and wildlife, and also does real damage to the environment.

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