Fetcham Residents’ Survey – what you told us

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By Frazer Thouard

The answers to our residents' survey suggest your main concerns about living in Fetcham are anti-social behaviour, the state of the roads and pavements, speeding traffic and the council's planning department.

What was pleasing to see was that over 87% of respondents said they felt proud to live in Fetcham, with 96% feeling safe in the village. 

A majority of respondents were satisfied with Fetcham's parks and open spaces.

A cause for concern that came through clearly in responses was the condition of our roads and pavements, with 41% rating our roads, and 50% rating our pavements, as 'poor' or 'very poor'. The FRA has recently promoted a Surrey County Council programme to repair resident identified issues, and will continue to do so. 51% of respondents felt the provisions for cyclists were 'poor' or 'very poor'.

The 20mph zone covers only a small area around the village schools.

Speeding traffic was a recurring theme with more than 40% of respondents saying that anti-speeding measures were 'poor' or 'very poor'.

There were some other priorities identified by the community, which the FRA will try and pursue in the coming year. They were:

Tudor Motors | whilst there is a general understanding that the FRA, and village in general, has no control over the speed at which the site is developed, the community would like the area to be ‘visually improved’, whilst we countdown the days to the work beginning.

The High Street | residents would like to see a greater variety of shops in the village, encouraging the community to ‘stay local’.

Anti-social behaviour | ASB, particularly around the village centre and Cock Lane recreation ground are real concerns, and the community wants to see action. 

On Education, there was a general consensus that the services in Fetcham are good, and well delivered, although the village would benefit from a local nursery. With the implementation of the local plan, there are concerns over the number of school places that will be available in the future, as well as what secondary school access looks like.

On Health, 76% of respondents felt that GP services were satisfactory or better. There was recognition that there is a general shortage of GP’s nationally, but it was strongly felt that Fetcham would benefit from one or two more, to relieve the pressure, and return to more frequent face-to-face consultations. Disappointingly, 38% of respondents are accessing GP services outside the village, although there is capacity at the refurbished Molebridge Practice just off Cannon Grove.

72% of respondents have had a satisfactory or better response from MVDC & SCC when they have asked questions of the Councils, with 87% saying they were happy with their bin collection services. It is the planning services that appear to be a cause for concern, with over a third rating the service 'poor', or 'very poor'. In addition to hiring more staff, residents would like to see a significant increase in public consultation, visibility of planning applications, and an increase in the number of face-to-face and onsite inspections being carried out, to ensure that work is in line with what has been approved.

The Blue Hearts initiative to encourage wild flowers on verges was strongly backed.

The overwhelming majority of respondents were pleased with our parks and open green spaces, and support the FRA backed Blue Hearts campaign. There is a desire in the village to see greater biodiversity, modernised playgrounds, and reduced litter.

A more detailed breakdown of results can be found on the following document:

The opinion survey on life in the village was conducted between November and January. We received 179 online responses via our website to a range of questions on topics such as roads, transport, crime, health, education and council services. 85% of responses were from FRA members.

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  1. Hi I am concerned about ongoing anti social behavior from a resident that lives in Claridon Housing which is situated behind sainsburys local. She is a white South African women who I’ve recently learnt, apparently abuses and becomes aggressive to local residents most days and has been a nuisance for many years.
    Unfortunately I’ve came to learn of this female since she viciously attacked my 12 year daughter and tried to drag my daughter into her flat by her hair. My daughter was innocently walking pass her flat to go to the park at the time. This was an unprovoked attack on an innocent child. The police are involved and she has been arrested. My concern is and question to you is ” why is this person still being housed in fetcham with tax payers money and she still continues to act aggressively towards other young children and local residents even though she has been charged by the police” she has not complied at all and continues to walk about the village buying alcohol on a daily basis and abusing innocent residents. Yet my daughter is afraid to go anywhere near sainsburys and has never visited the park that is situated behind sainsburys local since the attack.
    Yet 6 months later, My daughter is still suffering pain that, that violent female inflicted on my child. We have been referred by our doctor and awaiting to be seen by a physiotherapist. In the meantime we are paying privately to help my daughter when the pain becomes too much.

    Surly action now needs to be taken against this female.
    You only need to knock on a few doors and Ask the local residents and I’m sure each and everyone will give the same answer. Move her away from our village !!!! And perhaps then, us parents can feel confident that she can’t attack another child and the residents won’t get daily abuse by her. Apparently she pleads mental health, then put her into a mental hospital before she inflicts worst on another innocent person.

    We moved to fetcham village to raise our daughter and enjoy the village life, which we have experienced until recently after crossing paths with this monster.

    Ps I have previously brought this situation to 2 local counsillors Raj and Tim but have heard nothing !!!!

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