Easter lambs at Bocketts Farm

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By Patrick Bisgood

Bocketts Farm may be under lockdown, but there’s no stopping its ambition to educate the next generation about the countryside.

Easter is traditionally lambing time, and this year is no exception.  The farm is expecting upwards of 600 lambs and the shepherd, Martin, has been hard at work to see that all goes well, and lend a helping hand where needed.

For parents homeschooling their children, the farm has been releasing twice weekly ‘Bocketts Farmyard Classroom’ videos with accompanying worksheets.

And for sisters Becky and Hannah, twin daughters of Bocketts Farm Park founders James and Jane Gowing, it’s a great way of making sure their loyal fans are kept up to date.

Hannah with one of the new arrivals

A particular highlight is the ‘Lambing Live’ video on Facebook which is generating thousands of views each day.

If you don’t have them already, these are the links which will tell you what’s going on. The Facebook page is here.

And the YouTube channel is here

So far, the feedback has been excellent, and Becky and Hannah, who now run the farm, say how pleased they are to be using Facebook and YouTube to bring the farm to thousands of children stuck at home.

A proud mum with triplets in the Discovery Barn

The farm has a new 10,000 square foot Animal Discovery Barn, so there is plenty of room for the lambs to be born in comfort and safety.

The work doesn’t stop there.  The cattle are out in their pasture but the goats, horses, ducks, geese and chicken all have to be fed as usual.  Every morning the horses are groomed in the stable yard and the poultry flock let out into their daytime enclosure. 

Shepherd Martin with his dog Louie

The poultry even have their own radio playing, just in case any foxes are tempted by the absence of the usual visitor crowds.  Life carries on as normal at Bocketts Farm in the spring sunshine with the animals happy and well cared for.

And of course, the family and staff are looking forward to welcoming visitors again as soon as the farm park reopens.

All photos courtesy of Bocketts Farm

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