County & District Council Election results – for Fetcham

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Surrey County Council Election Results - 6 May 2021

Bookham and Fetcham West

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
CURRAN, Clare MargaretThe Conservative Party Candidate2907 - ELECTED
HAQUE, RajLiberal Democrat2603
MOODY, TerryReform UK81
NASSKAU, Laurence PaulLabour and Co-operative Party Candidate173
ROCHE, John FrancisGreen Party316
 Number of ballot papers rejected32

Leatherhead and Fetcham East

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
CLARK, AnnLabour and Co-operative Party490
DE SILVA, Jane Elizabeth MaryLiberal Democrat1315
HALL, TimThe Conservative Party Candidate 2633 - ELECTED
HARWOOD, Tracey LeighGreen Party443
 Number of ballot papers rejected49

Mole Valley District Council Election Results - 6 May 2021

Fetcham East

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
BROOKS, Lynne LorraineThe Conservative Party Candidate880 - ELECTED
COOTE, Kiy RosslynLabour Party57
HARWOOD, Tracey LeighGreen Party144
MILLER, Christine MaryLiberal Democrat370
 Number of ballot papers rejected10

Fetcham West

Name of CandidateDescriptionNumber of Votes
COOTE, Mark John Labour Party39
CROOKS, Peter JonathanThe Conservative Party Candidate622
KENNEDY, Paul GilbertLiberal Democrat920 - ELECTED
 Number of ballot papers rejected8

Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner Election Results - 6 May 2021

First Round Second Round
Name of CandidateDescriptionNo. of First Preference VotesNo. of Second Preference votesTotal Votes
HURLEY, Kevin BarryZero Tolerance Policing ex Chief59554
KAYE, Howard JamesLabour and Co-operative Party40597
KENNEDY, Paul GilbertLiberal Democrat69412 - progress to 2nd Round43803112215
MUNRO, David JohnIndependent53103
TOWNSEND, LisaThe Conservative Party Candidate112260 - progress to 2nd Round42856155116 - ELECTED
Number of ballot papers rejected9657
No candidate received more than 50% of the vote in the 1st stage, so Paul Gilbert Kennedy and Lisa Townsend progressed to the 2nd stage.


    1. Although not clearly explained on MVDC’s own election results posts, nearly all of the rejected voting slips were those discounted when being counted for second round of voting due to no 2nd Choice candidates being indicated.

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