Blue Hearts volunteers getting on with the ground work for next year

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By Caroline Cardew-Smith

A dedicated team of Blue Hearts volunteers has been raking the grass clippings on the verges at the top of Hawks Hill.

This should ensure another great display of native wild flowers next spring.

A few days earlier Surrey County Council mowed the verges and all the grass on the Bocketts Farm roundabout.

These areas are the largest and most prominent sites in the Fetcham Blue Hearts wildflower grass verge scheme.  

For the first time in years the grass verges had a fabulous display of hundreds of cowslips and orchids, followed by a huge variety of other wild flowers, including restharrow, oxeye daises and yarrow, all loved by bees and pollinating insects. Crickets were seen and heard in the long grass in late summer.

Steve and Diane Poole, the founders of Bookham Blue Hearts, who have been so supportive of the Fetcham scheme, came to lend a hand too.
Wildflower enthusiast Sarah Mackay helped identify many of the plants and orchids which appeared last spring.

Surrey County Council is supporting the Blue Hearts scheme across the district, and has reduced the mowing regime to just once in the autumn.

The grass clippings need raking off to help reduce the fertility of the soil.  This helps to stop the tougher grasses from growing and out competing the native wild flowers.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the scheme such a success this year including Nick Haynes who makes the blue heart signs at cost, Patty Harrison who decorates them, and to all the residents who have adopted their grass verge as a Blue Hearts site.  

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