Scam warnings from Surrey Trading Standards

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Further warnings are being issued to residents about Coronavirus related scams.

The latest advice from Surrey Trading Standards is relevant to everyone, but the County Council is writing to some residents it believes may be particularly vulnerable.

Below is the latest list of fraud dangers Trading Standards is highlighting:

• At the present time there are no Coronavirus testing kits available to buy, or to be tested at your doorstep. Do not be tempted to pay for this non-existent service.
• Do NOT place items on your doorstep to say you need help as this is an invitation to scammers that you may be in a vulnerable situation.
• The council DO NOT need to enter your house to do a deep clean
• Emails saying that you can get a refund on taxes or business rates should be treated with extreme caution. Often the sender just wants your personal details.
• Do not pay upfront fees. We are aware of phone calls from ‘energy companies’ offering credit during the crisis if they can collect an advance payment. This is a scam.
• Your bank or the police will NEVER ask for your bank details over the phone.

There is much more useful information in the Trading Standards e-Newsletter , which you can subscribe to by following the link.

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