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  1. Good luck but I hope the campaign is considered, and really should be then applied throughout Surrey. The blame game rarely works, and people usually litter in areas away from their own neighbourhood, so a negative ‘losers’ campaign, as tempting as it is, probably won’t work in the long term (no one thinks they are a loser and will defy this attack). Ensuring that an area is beautiful and well maintained has been found to be better at keeping away more littering. Litter is a magnet to litter. ~Anyone will litter given the environment (how many of you have dropped water bottles at festivals, or your children left sweet papers at a park?) The council have their role to play more than we think – as we need proper bins, that have the right capacity, and are not ugly in themselves, so that rubbish can be ‘hidden’ and disposed of quicker and easier. People could to be educated to realise they are wasting resources that might matter to them personally, as money is spent instead clearing up after them, instead of ON them. So really – they are doing themselves a misjustice too as well as the wider community. I would hope to see a positive campaign, new and better bins, and more regular clean ups (including better humans use as well as vehicular street cleaners), and overall LOVE our community and be positive. Just my thoughts! Good luck.

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