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Since 1932 the Association has sought to protect the interests of the residents of Fetcham.  The village has no parish council, so many public bodies listen to our views on matters affecting the community such as health, highways and planning.

We are a non-political membership organisation, welcoming to all householders in the village on payment of an annual subscription.

Our purpose is to do all we can to preserve and improve the quality of life for everyone living in Fetcham.  All our volunteer committee members and office holders are focused on getting the best outcomes for the community as a whole.

Our monthly committee meetings are regularly attended by our two district councillors for Mole Valley, and by our two members of Surrey County Council.  They keep us updated on all the council matters which may have an impact on Fetcham.  We also ask them to take up specific issues on our behalf, and use their influence to find answers to problems affecting our village.

In April we hold an Annual General Meeting in the Village Hall. We invite guest speakers from local public bodies and voluntary organisations who update us on their work and answer questions from our members.

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  1. A question for Mark Robinson please

    On behalf of Fetcham Village W. I. I would like to ask how we go about advertising on the notice board in the village near the shops.
    Thanks very much.
    Janet Cole committee member

    1. Dear Janet,
      I have forwarded your enquiry to Mark Robinson who manages the Noticeboard content.
      Thank you for the prompt for us to include a link to Mark on our Virtual Noticeboard.

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