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Every small garden deserves a small tree which will not be overbearing on its surroundings as it matures. It will make a valuable contribution to the environment as well as giving lasting pleasure to its owner and adjoining neighbour so why not consider one of these. 

Acer pseudoplatanus Brilliantissimum. Leaves shrimp pink when young, with reasonable autumn colour.

Acer davidii Snake Bark Maple. White striped green bark. Good Autumn Colour.

Acer griseum Paper Bark Maple. Orange/brown bark which peels to thin paper like strips.

Excellent Autumn Colour.

Sorbus Joseph Rock. Yellow berries last into leaf fall.

Sorbus cashmiriana. White berries again lasting into leaf fall.

Sorbus aucuparia Fastigiata. Erect  crown with red berries.

Prunus serrula Superb polished copper/red bark.

Malus Profusion Flowering Crab Apple. Red/purple flowers.

Malus   tschonoskii Pink flowers in Spring. Good Autumn Colour.

Magnolia Susan. Large  Spring flowers red purple outside white within.

Cornus kousa. Star like white bracted flower heads in May/June.

Cotoneaster Hybridus Pendulus This is a coloumn like specimen with red berries, no garden too small for this tree. 

Don’t forget your Tree Ties and proper Tree Stake for your new planting.

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