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The Association / About us

Since 1932 the Residents Association has sought to support the residents of Fetcham in a variety of ways. Set up as a non political organisation, originally established as a Ratepayers Association, it has since diversified into many areas that include Planning, Highways, the Environment, Recreation and Schools. Maintaining close contact with Mole Valley District and Surrey County Councillors, all of whom regularly attend both the Committee and General Meetings, we are able to exchange information receiving updates from them and passing on and highlighting any concerns from residents.

WHAT DO WE DO -  Provide an Information Source, collating and passing on information through our various channels: meetings, publications, notice boards, website and social media. We aim to inform residents on a variety of issues that may affect the village community. From Council initiatives, transport services, highways, planning and flooding issues to local events. With an ever increasing paperless society, community information doesn't always necessarily come to you, you have to go it! So we hope to serve a purpose and bridge that gap. Similarly we are able to Pass on your Concerns, with Councillors in attendance at our meetings we are able to pass on, endorse, chase and highlight residents concerns directly. Keep our Village Traditions going, by supporting the children of Fetcham, with annual bursaries and bringing the community together at Christmas, as our forebearers. Keep the Village in Bloom, with seasonal planting, Christmas trees and lights. Protect our historical buildings, green spaces and trees with our Tree Wardens. Keep Fetcham on the map, endeavouring to ensure our village continues to receive the services and funds available to independent communities, and if required supporting and representing residents in wider issues that may affect our village. Projects, supported by additional funding we seek to reinvest in the community. Recent projects include the purchase of new play equipment at Cannon Grove ongoing tree planting schemes, and a community space at the Mill Pond, replacement storage units for Fetcham Infants Schools.

As a team of volunteers we work with the village's best interest at heart, an executive Committee manages the Association and meets monthly with all members of the Committee being re-elected each year,  their experiences based upon a wide variety of occupations and backgrounds. Always in need of extra help, interested parties are very welcome. Contact us!

Title Name Email
Chairman Tim Waller
Vice Chairman Ian Anderson  
Vice Chairman Richard Bradfield  
Treasurer Alan Pooley BEM
Secretary Kate Pocock  
Minute Secretary Phyllis Avory
Membership Secretary Jen Addy 
    Planning Richard Bradfield
    Editor Ian Anderson
    General Enquiries  Kate Pocock 

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