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Fetcham Planning Applications

A routinely updated list of Planning Applications for properties or sites within Fetcham.

All details provided in the listing are sourced from the MVDC Planning Department. 

To open and view our current list ... CLICK HERE.

The applications have been ordered to place the most recently published at the top of the list, the first section being those newly published during the previous week. Once a Decision has been published by the Planning Department, that application will only continue to be included on our list for one or maybe two months, unless extended by Appeals lodged against decisions.

Of those applications currently awaiting decisions either by MVDC's Planning Officers/Development Control Committee, or by an Appeal Inspector, the FRA have submitted Letters of Representation about the following items...

Each application in the full list includes a direct link to its documentation and plans on the MVDC Planning Department's website page. Please read the MVDC Copyright Notice before viewing planning applications. By accessing the applications via the links, you are agreeing to MVDC's terms of the notice.

A partial list, including only the applications that are currently open for consulation, will also be displayed within FRA's Noticeboard outside Sainsbury in Cobham Road. If you wish to examine paper copies of any current applications, this can be done at the Help Shop within Leatherhead Library and at MVDC's offices at Pipbrook,Dorking.

To submit a comment to the Planning Office about an application within the published Publicity Start & End Dates, please follow the guidance provided on the Planning Departments website pages.  The formal Publicity End date for each application is noted in our listing.

If you or a number of residents have concerns about a particular application that you wish to draw to the attention of the FRA, please contact our Planning Team in the first place via

Do also submit those concerns directly to the MVDC Planning Office. It is they and the MVDC Development Control Committee that decide upon applications, not us!  

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